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Welcome to ASR in New Jersey!

     Welcome to Asset Solution Recovery in New Jersey, the leading collateral recovery specialists.  Our business mentality is very simple: “we treat your account as if it is our only one”.  Asset Solution Recovery has established itself as a confident company, capable of lawfully locating your collateral at a competitive price in the tri-state area.  Unlike companies that make idol promises to recovery your collateral just to get your business, we will aggressively work your accounts until completed and can say with confidence that all leads are exhausted.  We stand above the competition with an amazing success rate and decades of repo and investigation experience.  Asset Solution Recovery gives personalized service to cover all your needs as we understand that each client has unique needs.

     Our team has a lot to offer such as specialized team members with unique skillsets and decades of experience in aspects such as collections, the recovery process, skip tracing and banking for a well rounded team with exceptional capabilities as a whole.  Also we will handle your accounts from start to finish in recovery to transport or any other repo specific services you may require.  Let our results and dedication speak for itself.

We welcome the opportunity to become your repossession Collateral Specialist.

Who We Are

Asset Solution Recovery is a family owned & operated business based in Point Pleasant, NJ.  We are an honest, hardworking & reliable company, devoted to providing the best services possible at a highly competitive price.  Our business practice is very simple:  “We work hard on lawfully securing your asset(s) and making the entire process as easy as possible with minimal cost.

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What We Do

Asset Solution Recovery is a Full Service Collateral Recovery Company with the highest dedication to obtaining a lawfull recovery of your assets, every time possible.  Since we are a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on personalized services and commitment to our clients which is easily understood through our superior level of service time and time again.

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Collateral We Recover

Asset Solution Recovery, LLC specializes in the recovery of many different types of collateral including: Autos, Vans, Tractors, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV’s, Marine Collateral, Boats, Yachts, Jet Ski’s, Recreational Vehicles and Commercial Equipment.

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Asset Solution Recovery

Repo in NJ

Asset Solution Recovery in NJ - Repo in NJ